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I know socialization is never easy. I get nervous all the time when I speak in public. I fear people will laugh at me. I know you get nervous in public just like me. I thought to write some books to help you become more self confident in school and life. These books are written especially for you. I have also written a book to help make your college dreams more understandable for you.

Everyone wants a job. It takes several steps to get a job. Where do I start? What social skills do I need to get a job? How can I locate a job? What are some important vocabulary words that I will encounter while job searching or while working? How do I handle my job interview? My First Job Memories will walk you through these steps along with providing you with helpful resources.

Everyone has favorite childhood memories. Many of these memories include social situations. I will walk you through a high school graduate's favorite memories from kindergarten through high school graduation. You can find out about this book at Memories of my Childhood.

Practical Geek College Life Guide is written for college bound juniors and seniors in high school. It helps helps walk them through the college admission process from campus tours to basic college life. It includes a glossary and helpful website resources.

There will be more books coming in the future.


About Dawn Lucan

I am a disabled freelance writer living in the East Coast of the United States of America. My hobbies are reading, computer games, and sports when I am not writing.