About Social Story Books

As a volunteer parent educator for more than a decade, I have heard about social stories from parents of Autistic and Asperger Syndrome children and teens. It has been a resource to help parents teach their children about social situations in daily life. I have heard from parents wanting to do social stories on a rare occasion, but they did not know how to create one.

Preschool Memories of my Childhood is designed for preschool and early elementary school grades to teach them about daily life situations. It includes a lot of common places and situations such as the public library and waiting in line. It can be utilized by parent, teacher, and librarian.

Memories of my Childhood is designed for teenagers. It walks them through the school years in common life experiences. It shows your teenager that almost everyone shares common anxieties and experiences in life. It is taken from the perspective of an observer.

My Moving Memories is for preteens and tweens. It concentrates on movements in every day life. It shows the various ways someone can interact while moving in life.

Adventure Memories for Girls is for written for preteen and tween girls. It focuses on life situations inside and outside the classroom.

Daily Adventure Memories is designed for preteens and tweens on how to handle both school and local community social interactions. It is for both boys and girls.

My First Job Memories helps teens build the needed skills to get their first job. It walks them through the steps to get and start their first job. It uses a combination of vocabulary and social situations to help them with it.

Help your Autistic, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, PDD, PDD-NOS, or ADHD child and teen learn about social situations through our books!

About Dawn Lucan

I am a disabled freelance writer living in the East Coast of the United States of America. My hobbies are reading, computer games, and sports when I am not writing.