About ToyboxUnlimited.com

ToyboxUnlimited is the dream of Dawn Lucan. She is a volunteer parent educator in the disabled community for more than a decade. She had taught two enrichment courses over the internet geared towards parents, teachers, and educators in the past. Through her website, she shares her passion for writing and helping others through her books and articles.

I chose to use Toybox as part of my website because it is full of potential and life. The same holds true with children. Disabled children are no different since they perceive and interact with the world differently.

I chose unlimited because there is so much potential in each child. Each child is born with gifts and talents to share with their community and world around them. Disabled children are no different than any other child except how they interact with their comunity and the world around them.

I hope through my books that they will help you see how your disabled child views the world around them, so you can help them reach their full potential in life. Parents play an important role in education. They are their child's first teachers in life. Through my books, I hope I help you become more comfortable in being your disabled child's teacher throughout their life.

Dawn Lucan

About Dawn Lucan

I am a disabled freelance writer living in the East Coast of the United States of America. My hobbies are reading, computer games, and sports when I am not writing.